IG Won the Million Dollars At The Dota2 International

The Dota2 International Tournament final grand BO5 has held successfully on Sunday, IG win the million dollars at the international by defeating the former dota2 tournament winner Navi.

Congratulations for the IG dota team, they are the one of the best Dota teams from China. With  super dota  star YYF,Zhou, 430, Chuan and Faith, IG has gradually formed a unique dota stlyle teamwork and became one of the best dota team, which directly help them to claim more than 6 dota championship.

IG team member Chuan are rather exciting, isn't him? Any one will be bliss for the 1 million dollars prize, which means each of the team member will be millionaire in China. Besides there is a rumor spread quickly after that tournament. It is said that the boss of the IG, the son the of the richest man of China, would like to award his team additional  1 million dollars if they win the dota2 tournament. So each of the  IG team members could possibly won more than 2 million yuan for the game, amazing! No doubt some guys complain that life is not fair. However playing computer games like dota2 really changed many professional gamer's life.

The only pity in this tournament for me is that DK did not won the the first place. Due to the recently downturn, they only get the fourth place for $80,000. However, as the most successful dota team for more than 9 championship last year, DK should not give up. Just prepare well and battle delightfully for the 2012 Dota2 Tournament.

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  1. I'm a DK and Navi fans to be honest, but Chuan's so cute in this photo