Deep thoughts towards the Beijing Storm

"A city that can't build a working drainage system can never rank itself as an international city, and when the whole nation can't build a working drainage system, you should know why the country is always waterlogged with public opinion," This blog has been reposted for hundreds of time. What happened in Beijing on 23rd July is really a disaster, nearly 30 people were killed on that storm, due to the bad drainage system.

A city can held Olympic Games successfully with thousands billions money but can not built for a qualified drainage system, it's really a shame to the capital government. People can not resist to wonder where does the tax payers' money went? And even the capital city get drained drowned by a simply storm, what will be happened to other cities? Will we be safe on such cities with so many invisible disaster factors? Like the metro crash or the sudden bus Car spontaneous combustion?

After the Beijing storm disaster, we need to think more about life and the public facilities.We should never let such disaster play again.


Something About The High Llevel Education

Several days ago i read an article from one of the teachers in my college alma mater. He is study for his Phd in another city. He says he taught some middle school teachers for his elder school sister since she take some days off.

And the topic is that he gave a zero to one of his students. In his words, he says he is a teacher regard the learning progress as the most important parts while nowadays most people thinks the results is the most important parts. The student give a birth to her kid during the school time and did not give a notice to him until the end of the semester and ask for a pass mercy. She send her school testing works and he gave a negative zero for  her marks. What he insists is the school rules.

After reading this article, pities for this lady come first to me. It means she has to learn her postgraduate study one more year. Whether her excuse true or false is not that important, the high level education situation get worse and worse matters. Getting a degree is not the only purpose of high level education, how to learn a  skill or a philosophy will be more useful in the future.

Baby, It's Warm Outside. Friday Update

Baby, It's Warm Outside. Friday Update


Give Your Kids Best Love on Halloween Day

Have you remember the little gifts your parents gave you on Halloween days? It must be an exciting memory even though we have grown up. Children are very easy to get satisfied with some play toys or few cents pockets money. I even remember the days when i was young and ask for my mom for 50 cents in order to buy a plastic pistol since most of the boys got one. You never know how happy i am when i got my first pistol toys. I ran to our school playground and have a very nice time. Those memories are lasting during most  people's life.

 Give the kids most happiness you could and that is the responsibilities of adults. About 3-5 years old, through these period most child begin to remember things. Those memories are very treasurable and when we are old man thinking about these things, it will help us to make a Period for our whole life.

Be nice to your kids and kids around you. Give them a happy childhood and make your life more meaningful. Therefore, the Halloween day is coming, what you are waiting for? A little gifts will be a big surprise for them, just prepare well for your sweethearts!