Icefrog's Trip In China

Since you guys are so interested in Icefrog, i would like to share some of his tecent blog photos during his travel to China.  Just checked that he has already  finished his trip today and going to prepare the secret Christmas gift for us- the Dota v6.77. The players are always looking forward to the  Christmas dota editions, last year i was surprised by a Santa Clause pudge, lol.

Forget the Christmas Dota version, here we go the Icefrog China trip photos,some of them are quite funny.

  • “The Dragonknight” the change face opera spitfire performances                  
  •  Hangzhou Xihu Music Fountain Show
  • “Mango is my favorite fruit, and mango in China are much more delicious ”

  • Some guy asked Icefrog to show his real image, and icefrog said yes and posted this photo.

  • Therefore you know the result of this joke, frogs are toasted  and Mr Icefrog was sad

  • She is hungry and i have nothing to feed.

  • I found a real tree of the world!

  • The Great Wall!


The Real Name Of Icefrog

Who is Icefrog?  To most game players, the name icefrog is not unfamiliar. IceFrog is a game designer, known for being the longest-serving and current developer of the Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients, or Dota. The well known Dota2 the international is started by him, and Chinese team dota2 IG (see here) won the 2012 dota2 International champion.

Although icefrog are well known to all over the world, he is still a mystery to the public since only few people   knows real icefrog. This was due to his continued anonymity, having never publicly disclosed his actual name. He is really a low-key person from this perspective.

real icefrog
But There isn't a wall which hasn't a rack. Some people claims that he used to be a colleague of icefrog and  icefrog's real name is Abdul Ismail. There is a popular shared so called icefrog's real people photo, see it above.

Are the breaking news true or just rumors like others, no one can confirm the authenticity. All this mystery has to be expose by icefrog himself.

Recently icefrog was invited to trip to China, and perhaps he may expose his real name and photo carelessly ,lol.


My Week Diary

Hey, everyone, I haven't write blog for almost two weeks, cause these days are really busy for me.

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 Also there are always things to make me upset. One of  former colleagues got a bad traffic accident on Monday, unluckily an old man was injured and need to have a operation. It's really so sad to hear this things. Peace and sound is a bliss only after accidents we can feel it, so enjoy your present life, friends.