My Week Diary

Hey, everyone, I haven't write blog for almost two weeks, cause these days are really busy for me.

I don't know where to start, but the good news is that recently i found some interesting social network sites and it's really worth my recommendation. Perhaps the most important network to colorful my leisure time is dealpl.us. It's really a nice page about all kinds of great deals and coupons all over the internet. If you find an nice deal, you can share it on your profile page and also you can plus thumb up other people's great deals.  Just an amazing site, every night i would like to refresh that site and find great deals everywhere. You can john me at http://dealspl.us/user/Gaylesheerin. Also i would like to share a trick on that site. You an not submit sites that are well known at first, so you need to gain reputations for level 2, that's a general site rule there, so enjoy your online shopping from deal plus.
Another social site is http://www.squidoo.com/, although my friends sometimes write lens of her interests on squidoo, and i found that is really awesome for so many people's likes and comments, but i never try it before. However you can never image that i even write two lens in a week. So all things are difficult before they are easy. By the way, don't forget to add likes button on my squidoo page here(Kingdom Hearts Costumes), it will be helpful.

 Also there are always things to make me upset. One of  former colleagues got a bad traffic accident on Monday, unluckily an old man was injured and need to have a operation. It's really so sad to hear this things. Peace and sound is a bliss only after accidents we can feel it, so enjoy your present life, friends.

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