Icefrog's Trip In China

Since you guys are so interested in Icefrog, i would like to share some of his tecent blog photos during his travel to China.  Just checked that he has already  finished his trip today and going to prepare the secret Christmas gift for us- the Dota v6.77. The players are always looking forward to the  Christmas dota editions, last year i was surprised by a Santa Clause pudge, lol.

Forget the Christmas Dota version, here we go the Icefrog China trip photos,some of them are quite funny.

  • “The Dragonknight” the change face opera spitfire performances                  
  •  Hangzhou Xihu Music Fountain Show
  • “Mango is my favorite fruit, and mango in China are much more delicious ”

  • Some guy asked Icefrog to show his real image, and icefrog said yes and posted this photo.

  • Therefore you know the result of this joke, frogs are toasted  and Mr Icefrog was sad

  • She is hungry and i have nothing to feed.

  • I found a real tree of the world!

  • The Great Wall!

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