For Honor And The Million Dollar Prize On The Dota2 International

Millions of dota fans are so existing this week due to the Valve Dota2 The International Tournament. As  a  loyal dota fan for more than three years, forgive me for the impulsive action of reporting the latest dota news. However, it worth for such grant tournament.

After the three-day group phase, 8 of 16 dota2 teams successfully joined the winner groups. Three Chinese Dota2 team rank the high over the list. Therefore, many people guess that there will be at least three Chinese team in the first four winners. But who will be the biggest winner for the 1.5 million dollars? Nobody is certain, since everyone will try their best, for honor and for the million dollar prize.
The finally tournament will begin within nine hours, the picture below shows the detail game arrangement. Go ahead for the the finally winner, DK, for honor and the million dollar prize!

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