The Two Day Self-driving Tour On Weekend

We had a two-day self-driving tour on last weekends and it's really  fantastic for us. Although i am quite familiar with that city,  self-driving tour, go street shopping and mountain climbing are much better than staying at home with computer and TV. 

Started at 8:20 on Saturday, we begin our self-driving tour towards the city i used to be worked five month ago. Since it's my first driving tour, the whole three hour driving is not that boring. At 11:30, we get our destination and have lunch in a old style 60s traditional restaurant. 

For the later time, we visited a historical relics, boated on a famous lake and visited the famous Underwater World. It's really a awesome feast for eyes.The Underwater World is  especially gorgeous. You can hear screams for the dolphin show and the exciting faces when they saw the beautiful jellyfish, even though most of the jellyfish are poisonous.

We got home at 6:00 pm and fell a little pain on the leg. It's a natural reaction for strenuous exercise while we almost have no exercise daily. My only exercise perhaps is the two hours crowded bus experience,lol. It's better for me to go outside on weekends rather than staying at home sometimes. OK, i will to make it

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