Protect Your Privacy From Facebook's Graph Search

Facebook recently promote its new feature GRAPH SEARCH, some thing like google search with social info. It may embarrass you if you do  not know how to protect your privacy. Here is some advice from dealpl.us, informative and helpful!

  1. GRAPH SEARCH: allows you to search for all sorts of new things on Facebook. Think of it like a little bit of Google, mixed with a review-site .
  2. It sounds harmless at first, but it could help strangers track you down or learn all sorts of things about you.
  3. Facebook users can use GRAPH SEARCH to find any information that is "publicly available." Since many people post things without checking privacy settings, or don't see what they "Like" as a problem, this could be embarrassing and dangerous
  4. For example, say you've Liked a page or joined a group in the past that your employer would frown upon. It could be a rival company or just something your employer doesn't want to associate with. Your employer could search "co-workers that like getting drunk," or "co-workers that like taking fake sick days."
  5. Your name would pop up! You'd have plenty of explaining to do the next day at work. This is just the tip of the iceberg of things someone could find with Graph Search. A nearby thief might even be able to find your address or information to steal your identity.
  6. People are already finding embarrassing and dangerous combinations of searches. For example, you can make a list of "women who live nearby and who are interested in men and like getting drunk."
  7. How about "married people who like (cheating site) Ashley Madison" or "married people who like prostitutes"? The person might have Liked those things years before they were married. Maybe they were a teenager and did it as a joke. But it sure doesn't look good today.
  8. Luckily, Facebook Graph Search isn't available to everyone yet. That means you have time to clean up your profile so these searches aren't used against you.
  9. First, click the Padlock icon to bring up Facebook's Privacy Shortcuts. Click "Who can see my stuff?" and then "Use Activity Log." The Activity Log shows you everything you've posted and everything that's been posted about you.
  10. The big sections that could cause Graph Search problems are "Posts You're Tagged In," "Posts by Others," "Photos," "Likes" and "Groups." You have to click "More" under "Comments" to see "Groups."
  11. Search for any post, group or Like you have that may embarrass or offend. You should look for stuff that reveals too much of your information, too.
  12. You can change who can see these items by clicking the first icon next to the post. Remember, only public information is available in Graph Search, so setting it to Friends or Only Me is a good option. You can delete a post entirely by clicking the pencil icon.
  13. To remove yourself from any questionable group, you have to visit the group's page. Click the gear icon on the main page and select "Leave group."

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