Last Diary Before Doomsday

It has been one week for not updating my favorite blog cause there is always a good reason not to every time,  but these days are totally different, since tomorrow is the so called doomsday. 

If the Mayan's prophecy is true, the doomsday of the whole human being will be on Dec 21st, happens to be on Friday,  and Jesus died on Good Friday too. Friday is also a working day for most office men and seldom had any company to have a special recess on that day, therefore some of my friends already updated status like "take your ID card or student card with you tomorrow when you go to work in case someone may recognize who you are hundreds of years later".

Although this may sounds hilarious to you, but indeed there is a group of people recently become popular called doomsday preppers.  They have delicately prepared for the doomsday in order to survive on the earth catastrophe.

So do you specially prepared for this distinctive Friday? As for me,  take my ID card and go to work on time is the least thing i could do on that day.  Just be kidding, but if you finished reading my blog, it suggests the doomsday is not coming as it says :)

Also in the end i would like to share my latest squidoo lens giant teddy bear, hope you don't mind.

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